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We can help you read the road map to find those who came before you.

What we can help you with

Learn Genealogy

We will teach you the basics of doing your own family tree research in order to trace your ancestors. This includes showing you the array of mostly free resources available for your research and teaching you how to make use of them.

You'll be advised about various companies available that do DNA testing and the services they offer and as an alternative tool for genealogy research or to test the accuracy of your family tree research. Methods are taught for the process of procuring history from your living family members and preserving your own for your descendants.

Find Documents

We will find your ancestors documents on your behalf and/or build your family tree.

Please note that InSepiaInk's core business would be teaching you to do your own Genealogy, as that would be your most cost effective solution to build your family tree, but if you require assistance, we will also help.

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