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About InSepiaInk

InSepiaInk was started due to my passion to teach others to get in touch with their past. Genealogy is giving us a means of entry to the collective memory of our predecessors and their collections of photos, documentations and memoirs. We'll help you gain access to your own ancestor's lives through the ink trail they left behind.

Noeleen Lesch

I have dabbled a bit in Genealogy for a couple of years as a past-time activity, however, I really began to make leaps and bounds in my own expertise when I started to track lost relatives in my family. I travelled throughout South Africa, scavenging for documents in every type of historical archive near where my ancestors lived. This allowed me to find a now beloved relative of mine who moved abroad many years earlier. With the use of modern media I came into contact with her only to find she is also an amateur Genealogist.

This was an experience like no other. I decided to use my knowledge of Genealogy to help others trace their roots, thus InSepiaInk was conceptualised.

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